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About Verse Orlando

In May 2023, Verse debuted as the world's first holographic theater. From humble beginnings in a tent in a Lake Nona parking lot, our journey led us to our vibrant new home within Dezerland Park.

Verse proudly teams up with Microsoft to introduce top-of-the-line headsets, trusted even by NASA. Powered by augmented reality, these headsets make the world burst to life right before your eyes.

What sets Verse Orlando apart is the immersive experience. It's not just about watching; it's about active participation. Engage with puzzles, interact with 3D characters, and tackle challenges firsthand. Unlike watching a movie or going to a typical museum, you get to actually be a part of the story!


Unlike Virtual reality, where you're completely blocked off from your surroundings, the headset you will be wearing is fully transparent. The augmented reality technology lets you stay connected to your surroundings as you navigate a spacious, neon-lit room on your adventure. This key aspect of our experience is what guarantees you won’t bump into any other explorers throughout your journey, as well as no motion sickness!


You will engage your mind and senses from the get-go as you tackle puzzles and ponder intriguing questions. Each answer you provide triggers dynamic transformations in your surroundings, guiding you through the exhibit's captivating segments. Plus, every interaction earns you points, so don’t forget to touch everything!

About Verse Orlando
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